Protects the privacy and integrity of customer’s information by creating a secure tunnel at the application layer. This secure tunnel protects data without relying on the underlying security, or lack thereof, of the transport mechanism being used. (i.e. Bluetooth, NFC, LTE, Ethernet, etc.)

Generic Features

  • Prequalified with multiple Silicon vendors, iOS and Android making adoption quick and painless.
  • Extremely low memory and MIPS foot print making it ideal for all Connected Things.
  • Flexible implementation allowing customers to select the level of Security that is appropriate for
    their product.

Security Key Features

  • Creates secure communication between Smart phone/Thing as well as Smartphone/Cloud.
  • Application layer security that complements shared communication links such as BLE or WiFi.
  • Secures Smartphone to Device pairing, session establishment and packet protection.
  • Deters cybersecurity attacks including those from the wireless channel, Malware, Denial of Service, Man in the Middle, Replay and OS vulnerabilities

Connectivity Key Features

  • Manages low power, high throughput connectivity via its Transport, Communication & Service layers.
  • Manages secure delivery of commands, status updates, periodic and event logs, alerts and alarms between IoT Device, Smartphone & Cloud.
  • Abstracts all connectivity layers via high level APis Communication protocol agnostic via a Transport Adaptation layer( ie supports WiFi, BLE,Ethernet, NFC, LTE, NB-IoT, etc)