Authenticate customers and their devices, protect your app from malware attacks, and validate system commands and components via remote attestation. You’ll ensure that all system elements can be trusted at all times.

Generic Features

AppAuth was built from the ground up with a
“Security by Design” attitude for mission-critical IoT applications

  • Provides digital cryptographic identity to each element of the IoT system
  • Protects the communication links in an IoT network
    as well as the environment surrounding link end points
  • Product delivered as SDKs for the IoT Device, Smartphone and Cloud
  • Works in conjunction with SecureConnectivity or in a standalone fashion
  • Infinite customizations possible to meet specific customer needs


  • Lifecycle Management ( new registration, revoking
    privileges, etc) of Devices & Phones in the IoT network
  • Helps each IoT element Attest the veracity of the other
  • Certificate issuance for all components of the IoT system
  • Offered either as On-premises or as a managed service
  • Multiple Cloud to Cloud APIs to leverage existing infrastructure


  • Validates critical commands that the Device is
    asked to perform using remote attestation before command execution
  • Device SDKs to support communication semiconductor offerings of
    multiple silicon partners and a variety of communication protocols

CloudSmartphone App

  • Utilizes Hardware root of trust to continually
    monitor the Phone OS integrity and authenticity
  • Protects the Customer App from Phone OS vulnerabilities and
    malware attacks
  • Hardens the Customer App against reverse engineering and
    tampering threats
  • Communication protocol agnostic ( ie supports WiFi, BLE, NFC,
    LTE, NB-IoT, or anything supported by phone)
  • Enables User authentication by leveraging phone biometric
    (face or fingerprint) ID resources
  • Support for both Android and iOS