the key elements of iot protection


The Chain of Trust

Thirdwayv adds trust and reliability to secure, peer-to-peer connectivity. Unlike others, we begin with the hardware, which serves as the nucleus of trust and security. And which informs the rest of the chain.

Trust begins at the core - the hardware

By establishing our "nucleus of trust" at the hardware level, we:

  • Bar counterfeit products from the IoT network.
  • Combat unauthorized device provisioning.
  • Prevent the use of fraudulent authentication certificates.

Trusted mobility - smartphone control

AppAuth was built from the ground up with a “Security by Design” attitude for mission-critical IoT applications

  • The user interface.
  • The mobile operating system execution.
  • The app connecting it to OEM devices.

Trusted IoT gateways

We cut the expense of "anytime/anywhere" coverage. Traditional solutions use either fixed cellular or WiFi gateways to maximize coverage and availability. Or they rely exclusively on cellular solutions.

How it’s done

How it’s done

How we're different

Only the Thirdwayv HSM can authorize an OEM device to become a trusted entity on the network, under control of the Thirdwayv cloud.


By controlling all device programming and final test during manufacturing, we prevent unauthorized provisioning that can result from overbuilding in the supply chain.


We ensure secure device-to-device and smartphone-to-device wireless links. We do it by managing all keys and certificates so, when IoT displays and devices are on-boarded, they're already pre-programmed to interact only with OEM-approved gateways in the field.

All user input/outputs are validated so they can't be compromised by any other apps on the smartphone. A combination of trusted execution and smart partitioning ensures no other app can eavesdrop. Or otherwise influence the OEM's application.


The Thirdwayv Trusted App Manager ensures that only privileged smartphone apps may connect with the OEM's IoT devices.

Unlike others, we use the smartphone as a soft gateway, alongside traditional fixed gateways. We employ each opportunistically where it's most cost-efficient.


Local store/forward capability reduces spotty network coverage. And a wireless wakeup feature in soft gateway mode ensures that device data moves to the cloud — regardless of whether the phone is in sleep mode or the mobile app has been closed.


Since this requires no user action, users don't have to worry about authentications in the absence of cloud connectivity.

With hardware as the foundation for security, you're protected at every touchpoint across the solution.

With the most vulnerable threat vector neutralized, you keep customers easily connected - and hackers left in the cold.

With our IoT gateways, you simultaneously save money, improve connections, and create a seamless customer experience.