Retail Item Tracking


Track-and-trace solutions used in the industrial and logistics setting can also be employed for securing and improving efficiencies in the retail supply chain. These real-time asset-tracking solutions improve inventory-management visibility as products move from the shipper, to the receiving dock, to the retail shelf and ultimately to the cash register in the hands of a customer. 

Solutions like these benefit suppliers as well as their retail partners, making it easier to know any item’s location status and other details, more quickly and with better accuracy. 

How your facility could benefit

The same wireless sensing and secure identification systems used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, food safety and industrial control can, for instance, ensure that high-value consumer products are accurately accounted for all the way to the point of sale. Examples of these solutions’ benefits include:

  • Enabling cold-chain or environmental compliance for food or medications sold at retail that have strict humidity, temperature and other transport and storage environmental requirements.
  • Enabling product vendors to get real time inventory status on the retail shelf and thereby help minimize stockouts. 
  • Identifying product that has returned from the customer or the retail shelf back into the distribution channel.
  • Deploying over the air firmware updates to electronic products while they are on the retail shelf.
  • Help retailers to conduct product recalls for specifically identified lots.

It is easier than ever to realize these and other retail item tracking benefits using a secure cloud-based solution that can operate in the retail environment seamlessly.

How Thirdwayv connects and secures it

Thirdwayv’s end-to-end solutions use multiple layers of software to deliver cryptographically secure, high-reliability IoT-based item tracking. This software ensures continuous system availability, protects the entire communication channel from cybersecurity threats, and brings trust to all system elements through mutual authentication.  In the case of cold-chain tracking, the solution is flexible enough so that the environmental sensors can be added to the tags as needed.

The first element is Thirdwayv’s SeamlessConnect software, which ensures that critical inventory status for all items is always available. Next, SecureConnectivity software minimizes cybersecurity risks so that rogue agents are prevented from accessing item data. The combination of Thirdwayv software and a variety of tags and gateways solve the most difficult retain inventory management problems quickly and with minimal cost.

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