FDA Cybersecurity Playbook is out – so what?

The FDA’s long-awaited playbook on cybersecurity for medical devices is out, and while it covers critical topics related to preparedness and response, we hope it’ll soon be followed by efforts that focus on threat prevention.  The Playbook thoughtfully covers fundamental concerns for Healthcare Delivery Organizations  (HDOs) in managing cyber attacks on Healthcare and Public Health infrastructure and follows other valuable reads on Premarket and Postmarket guidelines for submissions by Medical Device Manufacturers for effective cybersecurity management.  Clearly, cybersecurity has become a key, sustained focus for the FDA over the past few years.

At Thirdwayv, we welcome the attention of the FDA on cybersecurity.  Discussions on cybersecurity preparedness, response, threat identification and risk assessment are valuable, however, threat prevention is perhaps the biggest, potentially latent issue that needs emphasis.  In this regard, the development of industry standards that address the unique needs of this sector are critical.  Additionally, leveraging the learnings from the communications technology industry can greatly accelerate the FDA efforts.  Today, Thirdwayv is working with Healthcare leaders to solve the IoT security challenge utilizing its decades of experience in the communications technology arena.  We look forward to sharing this expertise to help the FDA in its efforts.

Connected. Protected. Thirdwayv.

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