Electrical/Neuro Stimulation and Drug Delivery

Similar to the benefits of connected biometric monitoring solutions, patient’s quality of life and healthcare outcomes can be significantly improved by connecting and automating electro-stimulation and drug delivery devices. Connecting electro-stimulation and drug delivery devices to biometric monitoring solutions to create automated closed loop disease management solutions exponentially expands the utility of these medical devices.

How Thirdwayv connects and secures it
Thirdwayv brings trusted connectivity to these solutions while maximizing network coverage.  We combine fixed and smartphone-based soft gateways with Cloud technology and embedded software to create a complete end-to-end “security by design” connectivity solution based on distributed and guaranteed root of trust.
After a one-time ID / Password configuration via the Thirdwayv enabled smartphone apps, gateways automatically connect to any authorized monitor. Gateways securely collect the desired data and push it to the cloud.
The result? Medications as well as life-saving and therapeutic stimulation delivered safely from the patent’s Smartphone without concern regarding interference or actions taken by 3rd parties with malicious intent.

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