360-degree Track and Trace

In the past, visibility across the entire cold supply chain – from refrigerated production, to temperature-controlled storage, to distribution and other logistics processes – has been limited.

But now there’s a wireless sensing and secure identification solution for end-to-end product journey verification, from production to consumption.

Ours is the first affordable solution with applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing, food safety, and industrial control.

Customers use smartphones with our mobile app and cloud platform to:

  • Monitor and protect individual packages.
  • Reduce waste.
  • Improve profitability.
  • Maintain product integrity.

Our trusted and verified solutions combat fraud, tampering, and theft so you can:

  • Improve collections and customer satisfaction.
  • Accelerate corrective action when needed.
  • Accurately assign responsibility for non-conforming shipments.

There’s no need for expensive, proprietary hardware. You simply place our disposable, recyclable tag inside the package and activate it with a tap. Truck drivers and inspectors then place their smartphone close to the item.

Our app does the rest, allowing you to continuously:

  • Collect data along the journey.
  • Spot problems in transit.
  • Share real-time dashboards and data analytics.
  • Create comprehensive shipment reports after delivery.

It’s all easy, efficient, and gives you 360-degree, Track and Trace insights across every mile of the journey. 

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